About Us


Intrading makers consciously crafted, world-class, sustainable solid wood furniture since 1996. Created with passion and finesse, Intrading has over years of manufacturing prowess and happy customers across five continents.

If you are looking for superior engineered and well crafted real wood furniture, Intrading is the partner you can trust. Right from sourcing to treating the right grade of timber to perfectly engineered joinery, using state of the art wood working equipment, manned by a talented and highly skilled team of modern craftspeople, the result is something that is bound to astound aesthetically. The delight is also reinforced when you know that the entire process is certified and verified to be planet and people friendly. Let us take you through the entire journey through this website.

Who We Are?

  • Intrading has over 20 years of manu
  • Reputed maker of world-class sustainable solid wood furniture since 1996
  • Supply across five continents: North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe
  • We make consciously crafted funiture, created with passion adn finesse